Five Features For A Hotel To Be Called Premium

Five Features For A Hotel To Be Called Premium
Five Features For A Hotel To Be Called Premium

"Stars" is one of the most often used phrases on the internet when searching for "luxury" or "boutique." These labels, on the other hand, might be misleading. A genuinely great hotel or resort will have at least five important traits. The overuse and misappropriation of the word "luxury" in the tourism industry have resulted in its degradation. Furthermore, you should not judge a hotel's quality only on its marketing language—or on the price of the rooms. Besides, it is not obligatory to choose rooms only with good visibility in seaside resorts. Here are a few things to look out for when you're looking for a destination you'll love, return to, and suggest.

Scheduling Is Critical

Online, via phone, or through a travel agent: all of these methods should be simple to use to book a hotel. A polite, knowledgeable person should be available if you have queries or need to make changes to your original bookings. Anything else should serve as a red flag.

Is the First Impression Friendly and Quick?

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At a hotel, the look and feel of the lobby and front entrance tell you a lot about the sort of location you'll be spending your time in. A guest's initial encounter with the hotel is with the valet, doorman, and bellman, Harrison says. Greetings, smiles, and body language all play an important role in establishing a positive first impression for guests. To serve visitors, they should be happy to do so rather than expecting a tip from them. Checking in should be as fast and easy as possible. No one at the front desk should ever say your full name or your room number out loud. In terms of security and privacy, this is an issue. Your luggage should be delivered to your room within 10 minutes.

What About Helpful Staff?

Fake joy and real love are two very different things. Intuitive people, such as those who are compassionate, empathetic, or amusing, are sought by the best hotels because of their abilities. Their "quietly making visitors feel at ease and valued" is what Harrison refers to them as. Good workers know enough about their workplace and the town they live in so that they don't have to hand you off to someone else when you have a basic question regarding your workplace or the community.

Have You Looked Inside The Rooms?

Several distinct aspects distinguish higher-end hotels from lower-end ones, which allow guests to experience the culture of the destination. Fine products and services show regard for the consumer's sense of taste, according to Harrison. High-quality cosmetics and personal care items and a selection of local foods and snacks will be included. Safe, plush hangers, free bottled drinks, towels, and slippers, as well as an iPod dock, are just some of the perks you'll find in your room.

Excellent On-Site Assistance

Even though a hotel's guest rooms are important, what truly distinguishes good hotels is the breadth and quality of services that help your stay memorable without the need to enhance to "club-level." In the gym, there should be at least one StairMaster, one treadmill, one stationary bike, free weights, and floormats.

Five Features For A Hotel To Be Called Premium
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